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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mon ta kintu bhalo.. (But he/she is good at heart)

One of the funniest 'phrase' that I've ever heard.. (and it kept on repeating itself throughout my school life..) : 'Jai bol bhai...or mon ta kintu bhalo' (Say whatever you like, but he/she is good at heart.)
Sometimes 'the person' who we were discussing... was a drug addict, a pimp and was miserable in academics...still his 'mon' was 'bhalo'.

A nymphomaniac girl, a super horny teacher , an ex-student who was then locked up by the police in some thana...all were cool....because.... 'Jai bol bhai...or mon ta kintu bhalo'

Let me give some more examples : ''He is an ultimate loser...He scored 24 out of 100 in Environmental Education, even a bankrupt, retard from Lokkhikantopur can pass in HS Environmental Education..... still
...''Jai bol bhai...or mon ta kintu bhalo''

''She is such a whore.... she dumped me on my birthday...she lied to me..when she said that she was going to the clinic....the BI**H was actually watching 'Kaminay'...with some 'muscle-maniac' guy from a commerce college'...' Kintu Jai bol bhai... ami bhebechilam or mon ta bhalo''

So, why do we love a bunch of junkies, whores, kidnappers, 'mobile-chors' , 'Mom-beaters' utter idiots ( with IQ. less than 10)???!! Just because they are friends...No, because they obtain something worth appreciating...'BHALO MON'.....

By applying this 'mon ta kintu bhalo' method... we can eliminate all the dark aspects of the society.... It is the perfect way of being an optimist. And by this method we can say everybody is good....and no one is bad... !!! And after all they are friends....!!!

'Jai bol bhai...or mon ta kintu bhalo''...AMEN!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Ambrocia was the place for our regular khadda.. Usually after our school hours, we waited a bit for the accumulation of our khadda-buddies... then the stroll began from our school-gate along the long merlin park row...it is a maximum 2 minutes walk, but after school it took about 8-10 minutes, because we walked real slow, stopped, looked back, strolled back, came back, sat back, did everything we could to go back to the school gate and look for more khadda-buddies,.. not because we were too tired to walk, but because we used all our energies, dedicatedly, in chatting, khistey-ing, joking (I always gave the most ridiculous ones.), and talking rubbish that seemed to be the most important diplomatic discussion of the time, and also waited as long our tongues could wait to be pampered, to have more guys so that per-head share reduces a bit, and hoping for the best- to get hold of a "murgi"! (now I know, those who achieved in making me one are not at all repenting the fact...I would laugh if they do so... :-D)..
Ambrocia's chicken rolls came at 19 Rs. And the interesting thing about "pre-khawa" part was the payment process.. I can quite guarantee that our payment process was one of the most complicated ones, more than latest business economics gyaan at Harvard... you need to be a little more attentive to understand the whole thing...
It so happened that, we at first calculated a total price by multiplying 19 with the head-count. Then we divided the total price with our  head-count again, to get the per-head contribution required. then in most cases one of us (usually me and deeba) had the idea of a cold-drink.. this being immediately regarded, we cancelled the whole  multiplication-division, and started with - "tahole koto porche?"... this "tahole koto porche?" - is one of the most difficult relation to solve...in most cases we didn't have a solution anyways, solving "tahole koto porche?" , required great skill and practice of mathematics, mathematical manipulation, economics, communication skills and a fair knowledge about the pocket-market, which included the share-status at the canteen. Now, you may think that "tahole koto porche?" can be solved by a little advanced mathematics, but  it was not that simple, mathematics said one thing, but in reality it hardly followed the answers... for example- Deepanjan usually said- "amar kichu porche na, amae momo khawachhe".. then Soumyadip said- "AEE (he always started with a very emotional article in the beginning of a sentence, it is actually a momo-version of "A"...) ami toke last week khayiechi..bhule ja.. nijer ta nijer ..".. At that very moment Anish happened to recall and stated the fact in such a manly manner that Deepanjan got startled- "By the way Deeba, tui kintu amae 25 taka owe korish.."... this sudden unexpected demand from his dear friend Anish completely peplexed Deepanjan, and he gave a very uncomfortable confused void-of-confidence grin and said- "oo..acha, tahole to cos theta khawabe.." .. All this being happened made the whole damn calculation get out of my mind and Uddalok declared that "jar jai hok, ami 19 takar besi debo na.."

Take a break, things will go even more complex.. ;-)

Well, as I was saying, Deepanjan lost a hand from his faithful friend Soumyadip, he also took a 25 Rs apparently soft but extremely hard punch from Anish, Uddalok immediately made his ground clear. So it was a none-but-God-and-Cos-Theta-can-save-me look on Deepanjan's wide grin projected towards me..  Hence eventually I had to be the God (doesn't matter- I am atheist all along) and decided to give 9 Rs out of Deepanjan's 19 and amazingly, probably inspired by my philanthropy, Anish and Soumyadip decided to give the other 10... Good Luck to me..

Now came the physical part of the whole thing.. Usually I and sometimes Anish had a 100Rs note and none had 19 Rs change and thus came a very important economic issue- the most interesting- mutual agreement, namely "pore die debo" .  This problem took little less time to get through as I, hardly could resist my eyes and tongue and stomach, nodded affirmatively at whatever "pore die debo" schemes my friends offered...

Finally, we managed to resolve our thing-of-the-day and I, all by myself, keeping good trust on my friends, ordered 5 chicken rolls..

Now comes the most remembered part that still haunts me in my darkest nightmares...

We waited for the rolls, they came floating through the arms of the man at the cash-counter, finally reached us, and I gave the long-waited bite.. Ambrocia rocked, we went through the rolls, we khaddaed all along, we tore the roll-rolling-papers and criticized the latest i-Pad from Apple.. we finished our rolls, we walked towards the cold-drinks shop beside Tanishq, we went inside the shop, everyone took out their wallet and we all got a bottle of  7up or Sprite.. then we cheered, we drank Sprite, we khaddaed more, then we parted, Anish, Deepanjan and Soumyadip walked towards Anish's car and me and Udo went towards the Bus-Stop... the Bus came, we climbed in. usually I sat and took Udo's satchel.. the bus drove along... crossed the Gariahat Over Bridge, Dhakuria bridge, where we saw Kinkar and Ananda walking on the pavements, and then through Jodhpur Park the bus reached Jadavpur 8B, where Uddalok and I parted...the bus almost reached 8B, slowly Uddalok landed on the stair-platform, asked "kal asbi toh? ", I said "na mone hoy, kal to amar lab nei..".. Uddalok went further to the stair below, saying "o acha, then abar next mongolbar?" , I replied - "tai to mone hoy.." .. the bus stopped. Uddalok just before keeping his foot on the ground left the ultimate thing that still haunts me - "by the way, roll tar jonno thanks a lot..."

Then I realized, the roll being half-through my digestion, Uddalok half through the pavement and the others full through from my reach, I paid the whole 95 bucks!..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boy's toilet

Boy's toilet in the HS building was a main attraction to us(even girls..).........its a place where all the boys wanted 2 go in between classes, no matter they really needed it or not.....

A place where the usual purpose of toilet was never fulfilled........its a place of masti, splashing water 2wards each other,using slangs, Sleeping (the skul bag acting as the perfect cosy pillow)...discussing about the gud looking girls and many more......the perfect place 2 bunk classes......We girls also used hang out there....And we used to laugh and pass comments on the boys "who used to rush 2wards the toilet"... :) ...it was everythng apart from being "just a toilet"....


I request all my fellow authors, to also share their literature with us, along with their nostalgic memories....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Khide pe gelo...

Shei UNFORGETABLE chillli chicken n fried rice......

Shubhodip Sir

Last skul xcursion....Shubhodip sir tasting-"Nun-jhal shob thik ache kina..."

Samir Sir

DISCLAIMER: It is the author's belief that sharing memories of a deceased person does not in any way demean the above-mentioned. Moreover the author also believes that our laughter will today bring alive the deceased. In no way shall the author or any other founder-member of this blog take any responsibility if the deceased happens to come alive and break the neck of any overloud reader. Read and laugh at your own risk.

A typical Chemistry Class taken by Samir Sir:

Samir Sir : Define Atom.

Student A : Stands up and stares down--he/she doesn't know the answer.

Samir Sir : Ei to !! Madhyamik e koto peyechile? 95 % ??
Goes around the class asking the same question.

Student B : Smallest indivisible particle.

Samir Sir : Bosse Por ! Ei -- points at Student C sitting beside student B

Student C : The smallest indivisible particle of any matter which takes part in a chemical reaction.

Samir Sir: Bosse por ! Kissu Janish Na. Tao Madhyamik e 98%. Points at Student D raising hand.

Student D: Adjusts glasses and blurbs out : "An atom is the defining structure of an element which cannot be broken down by any chemical means and generally consisting of a central nucleus of protons and neutrons surrounded by electrons."

Samir Sir: With a rapturous voice - Hollo Na. He further goes on to explain - Atom is the smallest particle of matter - jetake bhanga jay na kono chemical reaction die- bujhecho? Ei to jamana poreche. Madhyamik e shob star, superstar - megastar (with rhythmic 3 clicks of his fingers) othocho atom ki hoye janena. Oi je chota. Shobai chota kore.

Goes to the board- takes out a piece of paper from his shirt pocket and starts drawing an atom while taking quick glances at the small piece of paper.

Meanwhile everyone starts coughing and sneezing and coughing out again. Samir Sir looks back over his shoulder to find that everyone is busy drawing the same old atomic model with vigorous pen strokes. He turns his head back to the board and the whole class starts rubbing the soles of their shoes on the sandy classroom floor.

Samir Sir turns around and says - School e ei shob korte eshecho? Ei !!!!! points at Student E sitting just in front of Sir's nose. Bero - Bero. No water in classroom.

Student E: Very innocently - Sir, ektu jol khacchilam.

Samir Sir : Tui bero. Konno kotha hobe na. Amar class e keu jol khabe na. Almost pulls out Student E who strolls sadly along the aisle but comes back in just before the exit and occupies the seat beside his best friend on the last bench. Sir continues-- porikhar khataye does er bodole likhche d - o - s - e dose. Physics., chemistry to durer kotha - era bangla engrijee tao janena. Sob Chota - chota- chota- chota (accompanied by rhythmic finger-clicks)............

Turns back to the board and starts digging his shirt pocket for another piece of paper.

Student E: Sir apnar pocketeo to chota. (Very seriously)

Samir Sir: Ei bero-- bero-- just then his phone rings. He picks up his phone and starts speaking.

A refrain slowly rouses from the students " Ki demand; ki demand".

Sir, almost throws his phone- manages at the last moment only to throw away the duster and walks out of the room.

Just 15 minutes have passed in the 40 minutes class.


Teernar post pore mone porlo...etao skul thekei shekha....akhn monehoe skul i amader thikthak chinte perechilo....:-)
Chol chol chol,amra bandor dol
Gacher dale jhule jhule,
Kolar khosha khule khule
khabi kina bol??
Chol re chol re chol.....:-D
Akhn ei bandor guloi shob boro boro honu hoe gechi....bt lajta gojano montessori thekei start hoechilo monehoe:-)full credit to PB.

Online "Lekha Jhoka"

Hey guys, this is soumyadip a.k.a Momo... as we all know we are still students but we are all eX students... This blog is like the online "Lekha Jhoka" to me. I submitted one of my poems when i was in 12th grade for this year's edition of Lekha Jhoka, which are to be published later this year, and most of us wont get this year's edition of "Lekha Jhoka" so i thought why don't i post the poem i submitted here on the online magazine for x students. and i also request my fellow x students to contribute their literature here, the purpose of this blog is not only sharing nostalgic memories. The blog was made with the concept of creating a Lekha Jhokha for ex students...so here goes, the poem that i wrote..


The earth’s wheels runs oiled with blood and sweat,
Of those who chose not to show regrets.
They are the real heroes, who have been forgotten,
They fight the real battles that life has sort them.
They are not the men in uniform,
They don’t become puppets as a new day dawns,
They are the wisest of them all-
Missing out the march of this retreating world.
They are the real makers of the world;
Yet they are abstained from its riches so called.
They have the strength to turn a master of puppets-
Into a puppet to master; yet they chose not to proceed,
Proceed a road of greed and hunger.
They are born free with a destiny,
A destiny none other than to be free.
This freedom is of no tolerance of the other in captivity,
They are thus just like any other puppet to the captors.
Waiting freely to be captured in tranquility,
But they are the true lovers they cant be captured;
So they bravely face the blade when they are tortured.
They show no pain, they show no fear,
For pain and fear will bring about their tears.
For this endless torture driven by greed,
Bares within it a poisonous seed.
A seed that will grow when their tears fall,
Rust shall the wheels of this forsaken world.


Hey all my pals of X-C.. Remember that day in the picture?? Well, it was the last day of class X. The day was one of the most memorable ones in my life. Its our full class and our class teacher Sharmila Miss (SHOCK!!) Just see the trophy in the hand of Somraj (face covered). It was the trophy which we won as we were the champions of the pyramid competition. The day was one that will always remain in our memories.... Lets relive the moment again. Our whole class was the part of this victory. Although I feel that few people had a bit more influence than mere participation.

KINKAR was the man behind the scene. He was the one who made the design of the pyramid and had planned the whole process. On the other hand DEEPANJAN was the one who suggested what was to be written on the banner. It eventually became a major cause of our victory. But someone else played the main part and rather rescued the the class as one of our pals was absent o the final day. Here came SUVAJIT. Without a single day of practice he skillfully climbed to the top of the structure and held the banner high. I was rather unnoticed as I was there at the base of the pyramid. We finally won the tournament and realized the meaning of our theme that was on the banner- "UNITE TO SUCCEED". I thank all my friends of X-C --because of their efforts we had won the trophy. Cheers...

Monday, June 21, 2010

hey fellow students of patha bhavan...remember this song?
amra khorgosh dole dole..
bash kori oi gachero tole.
korai shuti r kofi khete lutoputi jai shobai mile..

Hello Guys!

Hii Everyone.....this is Neha....here goes my first post......umm...well...i thought i will write something abt "my 1st day in PB".....But I am a part of PB from Montessori....n i really dont remember my 1st day at school....what i remember is I cried alooooooot....n the teachers specially bani miss gave me toffees(though m not sure whether i stopped crying or not)!!!!! As days passed....i realised I LOVE MY SCHOOL....and den the new drama started......Skool jawar jonne kanna shuru holo ......Wt an irony!!!!!!!!! Montessori building er opore Mone ache amader line kore dar korie chobi tola hoto??? We used to make funny faces....and je chobi tulto...he used to say "thik kore sthir hoe darao"......Hmm......I used to feel a strange kinda Love or rather possessvness abt my school(jeta ekhno ache).....So Onno skuler keu ba amader skul eri keu pb'r bepare baje kicchu bolle lathi ghushi chor thappor etc etc kheyei bari jaye......!!!!
PB has given me many things......real frnz(wd real atlamu)...1st crush followed with many....:)...and lotta memories...which will never fade......Now When i look back at dis long beautiful journey of 14 years(montessori ta ke include na kore parlam na).....it feels strange....ki kore eto taratari skul life sesh holo?????Why der is no rewind button in our life?????????Very unfair......but this is not the end.....Its a new beginning with all the old memories....... :) :) :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

1 MP

A lot of my friends who eat sleep and dream photography might think MP is for megapix (ok, the photo is little low Q.) and some of my politics-loving friends may take it for member of parliament(ok. deeba is a pretty distinguished figure) but actually it stands for Manpower (as in HP=horse power) got it??
Ha ha ha now that's funny, don't you think?
Well adi (within car) certainly sees the funny side of it and as for Deeba...
Lets just say such is the charm of the man that Mother Nature felt compelled to do a little Lip-job on him
Come what may
sun or rain
storm or hail
not even the gloom of death
can stop him from flashing those Topaz-yellow teeth at ya!!

Not much of a rhyme but you got the point, right?

What they would miss....

This was what patha bhavan used to look like, there are many a students out there, who miss their time at patha bhavan, but to me the ones who really miss our school, and the school really misses, are none other than the wonderful poems that god once wrote upon this earth, yes i am talking about the trees, which were fell down at the end of our school lives, which i thought recorded nothing but our emptiness... one day i went to school and found my patha bhavan in pieces, and what was remaining of it was being brutally cut down, i stood there in awe!!!, during my short term at patha bhavan i never felt such a harsh and cold chill climbing through my veins, and mixed emotion of anger sorrow,betrayal, and futility. the students didn't even get to know of this sinister plan of the school authority, which was executed during the weekends, if i had known, i would have stood up against it along with my batchmates... i still remember i stood there with my watery eyes with few of my friends, and one of our teachers abhijitda, it was the first time i got the taste of the harsh world ahead of us... later it was told that the trees had to be cut down in order to get the plan of the new patha bhavan building sanctioned, and all the time we have been taught that new should not come at the cost of the old.it was here that i was taught new could never be the new unless exists the old. it was hard, it is still hard to imagine patha bhavan with out its ever spreading shadowy ground.the future students will not miss a thing that they will never have. But to us the leaning tree to sit upon, the 'BEL GACH' which provided us with football.the shadows where so many found their love.the squirrels and the titanic honey comb...was our heaven on earth, heaven that belonged to us...


Hello everyone. This is Ashesh Das. Here's my first post. Lets talk about this wonderful journey that I have been through for the eight years of my life. Undoubtedly this is, was and will be the best days of life. But it didnt start off that well. I still remember my first day at Patha Bhavan. A class of approx 34 students and all up- shouting at the top of their voices. I had decided that this would be my first and last at this school. It was the exact opposite of what I was used to in Don Bosco. Today after eight years I cherish those days and am thankful to parents that they had admitted me in this school. Patha Bhavan changed the course of my life completely. I was a rather shy boy before and this school brought a sea change in my attitude. The years passed away and before i could realize the school had become an integral part of my life. The days we had-friends we made-quarrels-teachers-all was great. I am what one could call a "PRODUCT OF PB". I dont know that its bad or good but I can always say that I am MADE IN PATHA BHAVAN... Cheers:-)

Friday, June 18, 2010

What I have Become

Patha Bhavan had come as a sudden and complete change in my life.

I used to study in Birla High School till class V and still - 'those are the best days of my life'. Then came the change....my parents decided that I should study in WBBSE instead of CBSE and so I got into Patha Bhavan. I was too young to voice anything; but I felt the crooked wooden benches, whitewashed walls, old-school blackboards; rooms within rooms; thatched roofing was not the ideal situation for me.

Before the start of the session I left for a trek to Pindari Glacier from my Behala home and came back (to my new) home at Salt Lake. The transition had begun- from next week would begin my first days at Patha Bhavan. For a 10 year old boy, his life had changed completely. He never looked back over his shoulders again in fear of nostalgic memories.

During the first few months at school I hated everything except my new friends. I hated the poor infrastructure and the fact that in an English-medium school the language of instruction was Bengali in most of the cases. But slowly I grew into the unique (which many people like to term as 'homely' ) atmosphere of Patha Bhavan. And then there was no looking back. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times for me. There I found friendship and love; I found hatred and love; I found backstabbing and love; I found gay-love and love. The bottom-line is I found Love.

Patha Bhavan carved me into the nude-in-public David that I am today and I am forever grateful.

Collage of memoirs:-

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sorry, ektu antlemi na mere thaka gelo na. Old habits die hard. Any way if u don't like it let me (or any other admin) know. Delete kore debo


Ei blog er sob kota chobi te amay dant kalane manker moto dakhache.
Tai had to take matters in my own hands.
Highland park, 10 June 2010

Homeward Bound

Jaita (spelling jani na), Nivedita (spelling jani na), Arusha (face turned away from camera), Sanchari, Debojyoti(Socrates).


Arjuner hashi ta dakh... simply hashi ta dakh...

Child's Play

A play. Star Caste : Makai (probably). Bacchagulo k identify korte parle bolis.

3 to Party

Three legendary PBHS teachers in the High School library. Abbajan in conversation with Mandy as Mankuda looks on.


Well that's Sayantan.Not much to say about him though.An incident of class 9 or perhaps 10 can be recalled.He once wrote in a class test that poet Sukanta Bhattacharya used to beg with a porcelain bowl on one hand and "Rabindra Rachanabali" on the other hand.This hilarious incident earned him the nickname "Jokkha"(bengali of tuberculosis, as Sukanta had TB).Another day he remarked in the Geography class that all the oil petroleum mined allover the world is transported to Haldia!!!In the Geography class, if someone mentions the name of a place, he would promptly reply,"I have been there" and then start giving expert comments.


That's Shuvankar.A 6ft frame, but one of the biggest cowards that I have seen.He lives so near to the school but used to come to school 20 minutes late everyday.He used to bring a 10 rupee note everyday to school but most of the days a particular friend of his took the money;not stole, but took, right in front of him from his pocket.But he also has a great sense of humor.He also had various nicknames among us, the most popular being "Lambda.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Four nice folks

Well these are some of the nice people I met at PB.Clockwise from left: Soumya, Anish, Soumyadip, Arusha.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An environment like that of Patha Bhavan

Patha Bhavan was always the second home for me. Apart from my own home, I hardly found a place so secure, warm and to be in the most free state of mind, worrying about nothing, peacefully lost in my own self and the chorus of my friends. Today when I grow up and know more and more about the world around me, I really feel very very lucky having been in a school like Patha Bhavan.
The real asset of Patha Bhavan is not its academic excellence, neither the infrastructure, not even the proud established alumni. But it is the very own motherly environment that makes a new little boy feel so homely. This environment is simply so great and I don't think there is one specific word in any language to describe this. So lets have a new proverb -"An environment like that of Patha Bhavan."
This photograph is of our Primary Department, where we studied from the 1st to the 4th standard. I'll always remember the teachers like Swarupa Miss, Rekha Miss, Sheema Miss and Sanghamitra Miss. They contributed a lot of what I am today.
This particular photograph was taken almost 9 years after we left this school (though walked in whenever we wished to), on the farewell day of our 12th standard, but still this school remains the same in my memory.

When today I see the students of the Primary I really can't believe that I was also that little one day, and find it amazing that I changed so much but PB remained the same.

That's Soumya

That's Soumya.A highly voluminous body.His favorite activities definitely include eating, missing school(deliberately though), penning down poems and the most important of them all:asking weird questions in the middle of a class.I remember an incident; it was the "Additional Mechanics" class of the tenth standard.The teacher was explaining something, suddenly he stood up and asked,"Sir, what happens when two straight lines in 2D are neither intersect nor are parallel?"Everyone was startled by that question for a moment, the next moment, everyone broke out into a laughter.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our very own Anish

This is our very own Anish.Lazy,studious and with a good sense of humor, he was one of those friends in school with whom we enjoyed our khadda back in those days.Well one thing his memory couldn't read was roads,he was not at all confident of returning home from school alone.


That is the one and only Ratanda... helped us hiding our mobiles... ;-)

Dwaipa And Anda

Our very own Dwaipayan Kundu and Ananda Dasgupta.. dhuss english e keno likhlam? era holo Dwaipa r Anda. Dwaipa konodin jamar botam atkate shikhlona r Ananda camera r dike na takie onno kichu 1ta dekhche... he he :-D


The pic taken by our very own Shamik Sarkar. yes, our feluda...after the sun went to sleep, few had the opportunity to see our school at night time...i am lucky to be one of them...

More than Friends

New friends who never appeared to be new friends. It seemed that we always knew each other. From left clockwise- Sayanta, Debanshu, Debakrishna, Sauraj, Arijit.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is me(left) and my friend Soumyadip(right). He was also my Lab-partner. Apart from being each others Lab-partner, we were also fazlami-partners, kobita-partners, khawa-partners, class-e-kotha-bolar-partners and many more..
The photograph was taken by our beloved Arijit De