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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Patha Bhavan,where the meaning of life is redefined..!!

when i got admited to PATHA BHAVAN it was just a mere school to me..roj sokal e 5am e ghum theke otha..den somehow school e asha tao widout metro coz oto sokale metro cholto na ..it was just a night mare to me...I used to think oh god kobe ei 2yrs katbe nd i'll get rid of this...nd now i think oh god ei 2yrs eto taratari kete gelo???!!!! bujhtei parini kobe school tai 2nd home hoe geche...nd the credit totally goes to the teachers,my fellow friends and above all the homely ambience of our school..!!teachers der kotha bolar moto skill of language amar nei..sudhu ei tuku bolte pari they are next to my parents...

I'm gonna share with you all those sweet as well as mischevious moments which i really treasure...nd let me tell you about those sweetest gifts that i've got from Patha Bhavan...
June mash er gorom e started our new session...I was an "external" ...so was quite tensed ki kemon hobe new frnds etc etc..freshers' day r din my new friendship started with an unkwon girl with a sweet smile...nd tht girl is today my best friend priyanka...as we entered the classroom together..puro places filled thaka te last bench e giye boshlam...samir sir was our class teacher...immidiately he pointed us nd said "prothomdin e eshe last bench e boshbe,golpo gujob korbe........."so tht was my 1st dy...den comes half yearly r disastorus reslt nd chem e fail kora...!!! den comes annual sports...bunk marar plan thakleo a so called strict school captain amader girls' toilet theke dhore ene unbearable sun light e left right koreichilo...!!!!
Mahashweta miss er class almost roj e amra off period chaitam...nd mou miss iche moto disturb kortam...sid er student circle(i dnt knw unar ashol naam ki chilo sobai tai dakto...so unintentionally amakeo tai use korte hoche) k birokto kora...remember shei arjun k 20mins dhore p,q bolte bole punished korechilen.???..!!!!...den comes subhra ma'm...miss er class a ritobroto nd company "kali kali coo coo" (remember mauja ki mauja 4m jab we met??) background music dito..class e boshe tiffin khawa,teachers der birokto kora these were our regular routine..another regular thing was suvodip sir er kache case khabar bhoy...i hope puro PB te emon keu nei j ek bar o sir er kache case khaye ni...!!!ratul er "chirodin e tumi j amar" nd "mon bhenge jaba" r case...arjun er physics lab a "i'm a disco dancer" gawa r case are very few examples...there are certain people who got famous by standing infront of the teachers' room(nt tht they had somethng to discuss abt studies,they got punished :P)...r ekta bhoy chilo debashis sir er sahityer itihash er class...notes na nile sir bolten"""keno lekho ni??? kal 9am er modhey maa k bolbe amar sathe esehe dekha korte"...!!
and now the funniest incident which tops the list is "neutron neutron repulsion theory"....by any mistake samir sir class e porte gie used this term...and since den it became our topic of discussion....sir er favour e kichu duto brick er golpo o bolechilen jeta aj obdi ami bujhini....!!!
this was a journey of 2 long years...yet ekhon bhable mone hoi koto taratari sob over hoe gelo....friendship,enemity,break ups ,patch ups..likings -dislikings...sob nie onek bhool e bhora duto year...bt luckily i belonged to such a school where mistakes were treated as a step to sucess...alwaz teachers der theke we got forgiveness for all our mistakes...nd we were alwaz treated by the same unfaultering love and affection as our parents do...
Really ,had passed one of the best episodes of my life..it was my first post...which is a tribute to all those respected teachers who were alwaz by us no matter what'er mistake we did...and to also my dear friends who made dis two years so so special to me..!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well, here I'm gonna take a nostalgic trip down to memory-lane...........JUNE 2008-it was when I became a part of Patha-Bhavan.Yes, I was an external in class XI. "EXTERNAL"..............hmm this word used to sound like a tension before I came to Patha-Bhavan---how'll be the internals, how I'm gonna be treated and blah blah....Trust me guys, I never imagined that somedays, I'll forget the meaning of this word EXTERNAL.___New friends, new teachers, new atmosphere - couldn't understand when all these NEW had transformed into OLD.........

Everyone seemed to be so familiar, supporting, friendly and nice.....I could hardly ever feel in these 2 years that I'm from some other school & so called EXTERNAL.....never for a moment I experienced the invisible barrier between the internals & externals-------

yup that's "AMADER PATHA-BHAVAN". All I learned here, to understand a friend......to share feelings & emotions......to maintain unity....well, school life is something this kinda and these all are common-----surely----but still,
Porichito chobir modhei lukie ache
oporichiter avas,
Tai to boli Patha-Bhavan e peyechi
jiboner notun akash.

Sei class e bose tiffin share kora, school e ILLEGALLY cell phone nie asa, Suvodip sir er case dewa, chutir por sobai mile golpo korte korte kichuta poth chola and last but not the least..............................CLASS DISTURBANCE : well, ei bapare amar personal contribution hoito kokhonoi more than 15% chilo na, but 100% support and co-operation always e kortam :-D.......ei prosonge onek choto choto ghotona mone pore jai, jamon computer class e Mou miss ke jalano....roj e almost eta cholto kom-besi....but ekdin mone ache miss vison rege berie jan & it was the last class of that day....few students even kept following her on the road to say that popular 5 lettered word SORRY....and surely she didn't listen to anything at all and we were suspended for the next computer class.............
hmm, there are a loads of such incidents or better to call it "fun"......!!!!

OK guys, I really can't express in words, exactly what I got from Patha-Bhavan........friends,fun,guidance......and something that taught me to perceive life in a different way.....or may be something beyond it !!!!

Now really miss those BEAUTIFUL days.......those moments....rather, I must say those THRILLING moments.........golden hours !!!!
The sweet memories have kept me in a cage with iron guard,
But I know, I've to fly from here like a determined bird !!!!!

Ya, that's true.......memories'll always reside in our heart like trasures but still we've to walk ahead......hmm, again this is something I learned from Patha-Bhavan !!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Uma Miss er History class!!!!

The History class of Uma miss was considered a free period to us.We hated Indian history, but loved her class.It was full of mostiiiiiiii :)..Even before she entered the class..amra chechate shuru kortam "Misss ajke free period din...tokhon theke tana class kore jacchi..ektaooo free paini"..........Miss bolten "Thik ache baba,only 15 mins porabo..tarpor chere debo"..But that 15 mins also used to pass pleading for the "free period".....

Most of the times She was in good mood...but when she got angry,she just quitely used to leave the class and we used to run after her..convince her and bring her back to d class.(porashona korar jonne ofcoz noy,Case theke bachar jonne)....!!! :)

Oneday Aniruddha (we joked hes her favourite student) sang "Main toh amla pagla deewana ho rabbaa".....and kalpita started dancing fulltoo jeetender style...Suddenly her mood changed....she got angry terribly...(sedin boro shoro case khete khete beche gechilam amra).....but as usual nirlojjer moto we continued laughing...

We never listened a word in her class.Sometimes she came to the classroom and informed us about the "Classwork"(about what she told us a week earlier ,But WHO CARES?) :)....We never had any proper classwork copy..so we tore pages from our diary and atleast used to write the questions(few of us though)...Some answered.........Some gave the blank page...some gave the page only with the questions...and some peaople did not even care to submit the page......This was how our classwork was over!!!!!! :)

Although before the history exam The Indian history Appeared as a "Bamboo" and we terribly felt guilty for not taking the subject seriously...and it made us miss Uma Miss even more......

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A strange encounter

For a change let me talk about a life outside school but very much related to it---

Tokhn ghorite baje ponepachta, ami r avik rouna holum khelar mather udyeshye...ekta dan dik, tarpor shoja rasta. shei jono-manob hin shamudro toter moto shoja rasta dhore dui bondhu cholechi. Rastar kukur gulo bishram korche, berul gulo shei shujog a stupakrito jonjal monthon korche amriter ashae, kak gulor korkosh gola o jeno kirum opurbo bhabe mile utheche ei monorom poribesher shathe...gache boshe thaka kaker ure jaoar folei hok, batasher sneher alingoner folei hok majhe modhye, bardhokyo purno pata gulo jhore porche...emn shomoye digyonto theke ek chokh dhadano alo eshe charidik alokito kore tullo... chokhta ektu choto korae bujhlum, ekti taxi, tar ga theke robirashmi protifolito hochye. arektu egote dkhlum taxi theke ekti hat kromosho bohiragoto hoiteche. hothat taxi ti thamlo amro thamlam, rather thamano holo. ek oti porchito akarer manush taxi theke nebe elen. bollen- " ei dui mokkel er kothai bhabchilum tadr para die jete jete." baprta chokher shamne ghotchilo kintu bishwash hochyilona, kintu pran bhore hanshi pachyilo. manushti je bhabe ek hat chure taxi driver ke thamate bolcchilen r onyo hat die amader thamte bolchilen, ta oti oshadharon... jake bole perfect multi tasking ability of a trained mind...tar pocket theke taxi fair t berolo, taxi to chole gelo. bt the presence of this man was unmistakably unintentionally very much noticible. we stood there talking about our future, which at the moment seemed very much futile infront of the GAME. yes FOOTBALL. and how the game reminded us of that man we were standing with. yes i am talking about shob khelar shera bangalir tumi football. YES I AM TALKING ABOUT SHUVODIP SIR. a strange encounter indeed...but when it comes to this guy, Believe me stranger things have happend :-)

onek din bade jodio onake dekhe besh bhaloi legechilo...amra worldcup nie alochona korechilum...but jai bolo r tai bolo je jai bole shubhodip sirer name, sirer " MON TA KINTU BHALO" :-D