Lekha Jhoka

Welcome to Memories-Of-Patha-Bhavan, an unofficial Weblog by the ex-students....

The Founders

Meet the founders of this blog,

Anish Dasgupta
When it comes to finance there is no one else who knows better...
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Also check out his super nerdy blog - www.a-indiblog.tk

Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay
When it comes to creating, editing --- he is THE GUY. His artistic ability is something that no one questions.
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also check out his own website- www.theepunjon.tk

Soumya Dasgupta
Popularly known as cos theta. when it comes to asking questions, he is the one and only, the undisputed "PROSHNO-KUMAR". The idea of creating this blog was his.
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also check out his blog www.readsoumya.blogspot.com and www.gabloorblog.blogspot.com

Soumyadip Mukherjee
This guy is himself his definition. Popularly known as Momo. He is the one behind the start of everything but at the end of nothing, because of his fickle minded nature.
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Soumyadip also holds an impressive blog on blogger momo-d-dark-horse.blogspot.com

Uddalok Sen
Popularly known as Udo, a happy-go-lucky, intelligent, studious boy. He got a great smile always stuck on his face. Udo is quite a prospective super star of future.
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You can also see his blog at uddaloksenlive.blogspot.com