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Meet The Authors

Meet the 'esteemed' authors of this blog.

Arusha Acharyya
Arusha Acharyya-- the name speaks for it's self. Arusha is from 12 B; a always-be-happy-don't-worry type of girl, very studious, loves to watch tv, and to throw treats......
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Anish Dasgupta
Anish is from 12 C, a happy-go-lucky, intelligent, studious antel. He got a great taste of almost everything great.
We affectionately call him Anisha.
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His super nerdy blog is ata- indiblog.tk

Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay
The intellectual "Deeba" (as his friends call him), likes to call himself Theepunjon. A great photographer, poet and almost a geek. He is one of those human beings who has the guts to live their life in their way. He is the one who can join the pieces.
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You can also take a look at his own website www.theepunjon.tk

Uddalok Sen
Uddalok is from 12 C, a happy-go-lucky, intelligent, studious boy. He is not an antel. He got a great smile always stuck on his face. Udo is quite a prospective super star of future.
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You can also see his blog at uddaloksenlive.blogspot.com

Soumyadip Mukherjee
This guy is himself his definition. He is from 12C as well. His nick name is momo, but he loves biriyani.
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Soumyadip also holds an impressive blog on blogger momo-d-dark-horse.blogspot.com

Soumya Dasgupta
Well the wierdest guy of the lot, from 12C. More popular by the name of cos theta, he got a post on himself posted by his dear friend Uddalok right here.
Meet him on Facebook. He also got a blog full of trash @ www.readsoumya.blogspot.com

Ashesh Das
Ashesh is from 12 C. Nice guy, but a bit childish sometimes.
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Teerna Bhattacharyya
Teerna is from 12 A.
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Neha Anwar
Neha is from 12 D.
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Abhidip Sengupta
Abhidip , popularly known as Makai, is from 12 D. He has a great sense of humor and a great sense of bulk. Meet him on Facebook

Priyanka Saha
Priyanka is from 12 C.
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****All "sections" are according to the academic year 2009-2010